Key Issues in Pennsylvania

In addition to the PUC’s investigation into measures to improve competition in Pennsylvania’s retail electricity market, key issues for RESA in Pennsylvania include the determination of default electricity and natural gas service rates for customers who opt, for whatever reason, not to shop for energy. RESA is dedicated to ensuring that default service rates are not anticompetitive or serve as a disincentive for customers to shop with a competitive provider of electricity and natural gas services.

While more than 1.7 million electricity customers in Pennsylvania are purchasing their electricity from competitive electric companies, the Pennsylvania Utility Commission has undertaken a regulatory proceeding to explore means of furthering competition in the state’s retail electricity market.

RESA has been active in testifying before state legislative panels on issues pertaining to electricity competition, most recently testifying in support of advanced metering infrastructure, or “smart meters.”

Other key issues include purchase of receivables, licensing requirements, business practices and energy efficiency and conservation programs.

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