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New assessments demonstrate the remarkable value proposition of electricity competition in Pennsylvania

The Retail Energy Supply Association today published a factsheet containing two assessments that starkly demonstrate the value proposition that electricity competition presents for Pennsylvania electricity consumers and the state’s overall economy.

The first, a retrospective analysis demonstrating the value of electricity competition over the past 20 years, is a state-specific study by Dr. Phil O’Connor, former chair of the Illinois Commerce Commission. Dr. O’Connor also authored a study that RESA released earlier this year showing that, in states like Pennsylvania with competitive customer choice, there has been dramatic downward pressure on electricity prices, while in the majority of states that maintained utility monopoly regulation, there has been an equally dramatic rise in electricity prices.

The second is more of a snapshot analysis, showing the value proposition if all consumers taking their electricity via utility default service were to switch to the lowest available competitive offer in the marketplace. This analysis was done internally by RESA using information readily available on Pennsylvania’s shopping comparison website,

Both assessments result in some remarkable numbers. RESA will update these two assessments from time to time to illustrate the significant and ongoing benefits of electricity competition in Pennsylvania.

Download the factsheet.