Retail Energy

A competitively priced retail market grants families, businesses and manufacturers the power to shop for and choose energy solutions to take control of their energy needs. With multiple energy providers competing to provide electricity and natural gas, homeowners and businesses benefit from access to competitively priced energy products and services provided by suppliers eager to obtain and maintain customers’ business. Competitive electricity and natural gas suppliers are attentive to customers’ needs and can provide innovative energy solutions tailored to individuals’ needs and circumstances.

The rise in Competitive Shopping

Increasing numbers of residential, business and industrial customers are recognizing the benefits of competition and choosing to shop for electricity and natural gas. According to EIA, competitive power marketers supplied about 21% of the retail electricity sold in the United States in 2016, up from 11% in 2005.

The clear benefits of energy competition, as demonstrated in the states that provide consumers with the right to find energy solutions and choose an energy supplier, is creating a growing demand for choice from customers in the states that have maintained the traditional monopoly protected price-regulated system.

The Benefits Of Retail Energy Competition