Consumers should have a choice

Competitive retail energy suppliers sell electricity and natural gas in regulated energy markets to residential, commercial and industrial end-use customers. Retail energy competition stimulates innovation and empowers consumers to seek value for their energy dollar, but can only occur in states where policy makers have acted to end the more than century-old practice of protected monopoly utility price regulation.

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It's Good For the ECONOMY.

Competition promotes innovation in products and services.
When utilities compete against each other for customers, they are incentivized to provide innovative services like renewable-only electricity, time-of-use pricing, energy storage and demand response programs.

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Competition Prevents Monopolies.
Competition in retail energy markets fundamentally differs from traditional monopoly-protected and price-regulated electricity utility companies, which have no competitors and are guaranteed customers and profits regardless of their service.

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It's good for YOU.

Competitive energy markets are better for consumers.
Unlike monopoly-protected and government price-regulated utilities, competition among energy suppliers provides products and services tailored to individual customer needs, while providing access to competitively priced electricity and natural gas.

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Competition means costs remain reasonable.
Increasing numbers of residential, business, and industrial customers are recognizing the benefits of competition and choosing to shop for electricity and natural gas.

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From the Glossary Retail Energy

When customers have a choice between two or more competing electricity or gas utility suppliers.

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RESA Member Companies

RESA is a group of retail energy suppliers operating throughout the United States delivering competitively priced electricity and natural gas to energy customers at retail.

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