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RESA Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Executive Director

Recently, RESA had the privilege of congratulating our Executive Director, Tracy McCormick, for 20 years of service and leadership. Tracy has helped RESA grow into a nationally recognized organization, and has led RESA’s efforts in championing energy choice across the country.

We sat down with Tracy to discuss her career milestones and what she looks forward to in the years ahead.

Q: What is the best part of your job as the Executive Director of RESA?
A: Working with a team of bright, energized people from all over the country who work together towards one goal: retail energy choice for all. I am motivated by their determination and it fuels the work I do.

Q: Why are you so passionate about energy choice?
A: Giving consumers choice and having retailers vie for consumers’ business has been a powerful motivator for innovations and change that would not have been realized without retail energy choice. Disruption drives innovation, and the innovations we take for granted today such as smart thermostats, smart meters, rooftop solar and electric cars to name a few, all had their start because of this disruption, while saving consumers money too.  

Q; What is one of the most challenging parts of your job?
A: The advancements we’ve made in energy choice over the past two decades did not come without challenges, as the energy industry is often the target of biases and misinformation. Although the career path I have chosen has not been an easy one, it has been a valuable one. Actions such as polling help RESA sustain our efforts in preserving our marketplace and also to work towards opening new ones. And even with much of the misinformation reported on our industry we know from a poll conducted in March of 2020, pre-Covid, an astounding 74% of consumers responded that they want and support energy choice.  

Q: How is RESA different from similar organizations in the industry?
A: RESA continuously works to preserve current markets through education and advocacy. Our strength as an industry is that RESA has been here over the last 20 years advocating for retail choice. Day in and day out consistent advocacy at the state and federal levels has been key. Our strength also lies in the enormous amount of time and effort our members put forth serving as thought leaders in our industry. Over the years we have built a team of experts and it shows.  

Q: How do you hope the energy industry will progress in the next five years?
A: Navigating RESA through the ever-changing currents of the past 20 years has been a complex, ever-evolving and inspiring journey. I feel fortunate to have been at the helm of RESA these many years and that I was able to make an impact. Working with these bright, talented and hardworking people has given me a fulfilling work life, and I look to the challenges and opportunities the future will bring to our industry and our ability to affect change.