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Retail Energy Supply Association Elects 2017 Officers and State Chairs

Harrisburg, PA – The Retail Energy Supply Association (RESA), the nation’s leading trade association representing competitive retail energy suppliers, has elected a new slate of officers and state chairs for 2017. These newly elected officers were confirmed during RESA’s annual meeting last month, and will form the executive committee.

RESA’s officers effective Jan. 1, 2017 are:

  • President – Darrin Pfannenstiel (Stream)
  • First Vice President – Matt White (IGS Energy)
  • Second Vice President – Alexandrea Isaac (Starion Energy)
  • Secretary – Ritchie Hudson (Constellation)
  • Treasurer – Roy Boston (Noble Americas Energy Solutions)
  • Past President – Brenda Crockett-McNew (Champion Energy Services)

“Consumers have a right to competitive energy products and services that benefit them, and RESA will continue to engage for consumers to ensure they have energy choice in all markets,” Pfannenstiel said. “RESA is the leading retail energy trade association in the United States, and I am honored to serve the association and its members.”

RESA members responsible for leading state and federal advocacy efforts as the 2017 Electric Caucus chairs are:

  • Federal – Joe Oliker (IGS Energy)
  • California – Inger Goodman (Just Energy)
  • Illinois – Blake Birch (Nordic Energy)
  • Maryland/DC/Delaware – Kristina Montgomery (Just Energy)
  • New England – Marc Hanks (Direct Energy)
  • New Jersey – Rob Gibbs (Direct Energy)
  • New York – Kandi Terry (Just Energy)
  • Ohio – Dwayne Pickett (Constellation)
  • Pennsylvania – Tony Cusati (IGS Energy)

RESA members responsible for leading state and federal advocacy as the 2017 Natural Gas Caucus chairs are:

  • Illinois – John Slocum (Constellation)
  • Maryland/DC/Virginia – Tony Cusati (IGS Energy)
  • Michigan – Larry Friedeman (IGS Energy)
  • New Jersey – Dwayne Pickett (Constellation)
  • New York – Angela Schorr (Direct Energy)
  • Ohio – Jack Keegan (Just Energy)
  • Pennsylvania – Tony Cusati (IGS Energy)