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Why Rooftop Solar Should be a Critical Part of Consumers Energy Source

Rooftop solar is predicted to be the next generation of electricity choice for consumers according to the International Energy Agency. Not only does it promote ‘going green’, but it allows customers to understand how their energy consumption is directly impacting their environment. According to the Department of Energy, solar energy is also the fastest growing and most affordable source of electricity in America available today.

Solar energy has never been more cost-effective for homeowners, businesses and communities to take advantage. The move from relying on a fossil fuel energy source to a green energy source, like rooftop solar, will be a big shift in providing clean, reliable and affordable electricity to U.S. customers. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, over the past few years there has been more than a 50% increase in solar adoption across residences and businesses alike. That’s largely because solar has become more affordable in recent years due to a decrease in the cost of solar technology and installations.

Rooftop solar is a “green” energy product that allows consumers to enjoy benefits such as reducing air pollution or water usage. Residential and business customers are not just influenced by the environmental advantages of solar power, but can also see the advantages of generating their own power and being energy independent.

One of the biggest advantages that renewable energy offers is helping to improve our air quality according to the U.S. Green Building Council. The use of coal and natural gas plants release dangerous pollutants in the air which can be dangerous to our health. Making the switch from fossil fuel energy products to renewable energy resources, can help decrease mortality and healthcare costs related to air pollution.

Additionally, technological advancements in solar products, along with decreased costs, have made wide-scale solar accessibility and affordability a reality. Many large, established companies have decided to embrace the benefits of renewable — not just for its environmental perks, such as climate change, but also to decrease the reliance on fossil fuels. 

With an increased demand for electric vehicles, smart appliances, battery storage, and rooftop solar  — customers will be able to self-generate and self-supply much of their own electricity. The increased adoption of rooftop solar and other forms of renewable energy will no doubt continue to be a big focus for the Biden Administration. Biden has set many aggressive goals to be mostly, if not all, 100% reliant on renewables in the next few decades. 

Rooftop solar will continue to be a critical and growing part of consumers’ energy choice; offering cost-effective, “green” energy to improve our environment and carbon footprint. Today, solar is the fastest growing and most affordable renewable energy source in the U.S.