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RESA Celebrates National Energy Independence Day

Since 2005, people worldwide have celebrated Global Energy Independence Day each year on July 10. Coincidentally, this is the same day as the U.S. Energy Independence Day. Fun fact: when Michael D. Antonovich proclaimed National Energy Independence Day, he specifically chose July 10 in honor of Nikola Tesla, who made significant breakthroughs in electric power. It would make sense then that the goal of Energy Independence Day is to raise awareness and promote the use of alternative energy sources such as solar, wind and geothermal energy to help reduce our carbon footprint. 

From the time we wake up – to the time we go to bed, and even while we are asleep, energy is ingrained into every aspect of our lives. Without power, our world would look drastically different. Communication and access to information would halt, the life-saving equipment used in hospitals would no longer be available, and many people would suffer in extreme climates without the power to efficiently heat or cool their homes. Since we consume energy in almost every aspect of our life, making informed decisions about where our power comes from is ever-important. 

Today, much of the world relies on fossil fuels as a primary energy source. Still, as we uncover innovative ways to extract energy from alternative sources, we are witnessing a shift towards renewable energy while many countries are incorporating lofty renewable energy goals. In 2021 the total U.S. renewable energy production and consumption reached record highs. Using renewable energy has many benefits to our environment. First, using solar, wind, or geothermal energy helps reduce air pollution since no greenhouse gasses are emitted. Another advantage of using renewable energy is that it reduces the dependence on using fuels that have to be imported from other countries. 

On this critical day, RESA encourages you to take some time to gain an understanding of what energy independence truly means and how you can make the switch to using renewable energy. If you are interested in making the switch, RESA has a lot of information, data, resources and tools available on its website.