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National Cut Your Energy Costs Day 

January 10th marks National Cut Your Energy Costs Day, encouraging consumers to reassess their energy provider and reminding them to keep up with scheduled maintenance. During the winter months, electricity bills can get pricey, so it’s essential to be mindful of the energy you are using. Eliminating what is unnecessary and making small changes in how you use electricity can drastically reduce your energy bill and save you some extra cash.  RESA has compiled several practical and simple tips to help you save on your energy bill in the New Year.

  1.  Cover your outlets 

Believe it or not, cold air from outside can leak through outlets causing your heating and cooling systems to lose heat when you don’t want them to. This can result in higher energy costs. Be sure to check your outlets on a cold day to see if air leaks. You can fix this by purchasing plastic outlet covers at any home improvement store. 

2.    Limit your shower time 

Taking a faster shower can help reduce your energy bill. You can try this for a month and see if you see a difference in your energy bill. 

3.    Wash clothes in cold water

According to a recent article, 75 to 90% of the energy your washer uses goes toward warming the water to clean your clothes.  If you can switch the water temperature on your washing machine from warm or hot to cold, you will enjoy additional savings on your energy bill.  

4.    Switch to smart power strips 

Phantom power refers to the amount of electricity your devices use when plugged

in but not in use. You can reduce the amount of energy wasted from appliances

running when they are not being used by simply unplugging them. Another idea to

consider is to use a smart power strip which will automatically cut off the

electric current to devices when they are not in use.  

These are a few simple ways to help you reduce your electric and gas usage, which in turn should lead to saving money every month on your energy bill.