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RESA Celebrates Fifth Annual National Energy Shopping Day

Organization Empowers Consumers with a Choice in Energy Suppliers to Shop and Compare Plans

HARRISBURG, Pa. (June 20, 2024) – The Retail Energy Supply Association (RESA), the nation’s leading trade association representing competitive retail energy suppliers, is celebrating its fifth annual National Energy Shopping Day by empowering consumers to take control of their energy choices.

Published in Chase’s Calendar of Events, National Energy Shopping Day is recognized each year on the first day of summer. It was created to encourage consumers with the power to choose their energy supplier to regularly shop and compare available energy plans, products and offers.

“By advocating for the advantages of a competitive market and empowering consumers with diverse energy options, individuals gain greater control over selecting what works best for their home or business. For example, some consumers prioritize choosing renewable energy products to reduce their environmental impact. The ability to choose an energy plan based on more than just price, without being restricted to a single option, should be a fundamental right for all consumers, not a privilege,” said Tracy McCormick, executive director of RESA.  

Today, consumers in 14 states and jurisdictions are allowed to select their own energy supplier. A National Poll conducted by Ragnar Research Partners found that 74% of Americans want the power to choose their energy provider, but only 28% have the right to do so.

RESA provides free online resources to help consumers know where to go to shop for energy. It also provides tools to help consumers understand key terms and if electric and/or natural gas choice is available in their state on RESA’s interactive map.


National Energy Shopping Day is an initiative created by RESA to encourage individuals residing in states that offer retail energy choice in electric and natural gas suppliers to find the best provider tailored to their specific requirements. Consumers may select a plan offering clean energy products or benefits such as smart home integration or energy efficiency programs for their homes or businesses. For more information, visit


The Retail Energy Supply Association is a broad and diverse group of retail energy suppliers who share the common vision that competitive retail electricity and natural gas markets deliver a more efficient, customer-oriented outcome than a regulated utility structure. RESA is devoted to working with all stakeholders to promote vibrant and sustainable competitive retail energy markets for residential and industrial consumers. For more information, visit Follow RESA on LinkedInFacebook and X (Twitter).


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