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Retail Energy Supply Association Encourages Consumers to Shop and Compare Energy Offers on National Energy Shopping Day

Organization Celebrates Fourth Annual Event by Promoting Energy Shopping in Competitive State

HARRISBURG, Pa. (June 21, 2023) – On National Energy Shopping Day, the Retail Energy Supply Association (RESA) is reminding consumers in 14 states and jurisdictions with the power to choose to explore competitive energy offers.

Observed annually on the first day of summer, National Energy Shopping Day was created to empower consumers with information and tools to shop for the best energy plan that meets their needs, budget and preferences. This is the fourth year this event has been nationally recognized and is published annually in Chase’s Calendar of Events.

“National Energy Shopping Day is an opportunity for consumers to take control of their energy choices and make informed decisions that best meet their individual needs,” commented Tracy McCormick, executive director of RESA. “By promoting competition and encouraging consumers to explore their energy options, consumers can reduce their electric and natural gas costs, choose a renewable energy product and lessen their environmental impact.”

National Energy Shopping Day, an initiative created by RESA, encourages individuals residing in states that offer consumer choice in electric and natural gas suppliers to find the ideal energy provider tailored to their specific requirements. Consumers may select a plan offering clean energy products or benefits such as smart home integration or energy efficiency programs for their homes or businesses.

According to a National Poll by Ragnar Research Partners, 74% of Americans want the power to choose their energy provider. Surprisingly, only 28% currently have the privilege to do so.

RESA offers valuable online resources on its website to help simplify the complex landscape of energy shopping. These tools help consumers better understand their options, terms and what’s available in their specific state through an interactive map to help consumers make informed decisions.


The Retail Energy Supply Association is a broad and diverse group of retail energy suppliers who share the common vision that competitive retail electricity and natural gas markets deliver a more efficient, customer-oriented outcome than a regulated utility structure. RESA is devoted to working with all stakeholders to promote vibrant and sustainable competitive retail energy markets for residential and industrial consumers. For more information visit Follow RESA on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


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